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March 2020

4 Tips for a Consistent At-Home Workout Habit


When you don't have access to your studio classes, what can you do to maintain your current workout routine? Here are four tips for creating a consistent at-home workout habit: 1. Schedule your workout. When you are unable to make it to your regular studio for your usual class, you can still get in a [...]

4 Tips for a Consistent At-Home Workout Habit2020-03-26T11:33:07+00:00

4 Ways to Practice Gratitude


Remembering to be grateful helps us feel more optimistic and hopeful about our lives. Regularly practicing gratitude also can help you sleep better and improve your mental health. Here a few ways that you practice gratitude each day: 1. Write down the things you appreciate in a gratitude journal. A lot of people keep a [...]

4 Ways to Practice Gratitude2020-03-19T13:45:59+00:00

8 Ways to Spend an Hour without Your Phone


Smartphones aren’t going anywhere; we need them to manage our modern lifestyles. However, it’s still possible to give yourself an analog break now and then. When you step away from the screens, you give your mind a much-needed digital break. Taking some time to unplug promotes mindfulness, improves sleep, gives you a chance to connect [...]

8 Ways to Spend an Hour without Your Phone2020-03-12T08:38:07+00:00

How to Manage Your Time and Reduce Stress


It happens to all of us: we get busy with a million tasks piled on our plate, and stress kicks into high gear. How do you reduce some of that stress? Finding new or different ways to manage your time can help a lot. Here are a few ways to manage your time and reduce [...]

How to Manage Your Time and Reduce Stress2020-03-04T08:37:59+00:00

February 2020

3 Tips to Approach Your Workouts with a Positive Mindset


Are your classes and workouts something you tell yourself you have to do? Or are they something you get to do? Here are a few tips to help you approach your workouts with a more positive mindset: 1. Do things you enjoy. It’s really hard to maintain a positive mindset about something that you don’t [...]

3 Tips to Approach Your Workouts with a Positive Mindset2020-02-27T09:19:03+00:00

5 Simple Ways to Create a Healthier Workday


Sitting for eight hours a day, five days a week takes its toll on your health and well-being. Fortunately, building healthier habits into your workday doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are five simple ways to create a healthier workday: 1. Stand Up There is a reason why standing desks are so popular right now. [...]

5 Simple Ways to Create a Healthier Workday2020-02-19T09:01:18+00:00

Let it Go – 4 Things You Can’t Control


It can be easy to dwell on things in our life that we have no control over. Our minds tell us that if we think about these things long enough, then our worrying and ceaseless fretting will change the outcome of future events. Spoiler alert - it won't. Here are a few things in your [...]

Let it Go – 4 Things You Can’t Control2020-02-13T09:04:28+00:00

5 Benefits of a Consistent Workout Routine


We all know that regular physical activity is a big part of building a healthy lifestyle. But why? Once you’re active and engaged in physical activity that you enjoy, you’ll notice several changes to your physical and mental well-being. Here are just a few of the benefits of following a consistent workout routine: 1. Strength [...]

5 Benefits of a Consistent Workout Routine2020-02-13T08:57:18+00:00

January 2020

3 Ways to Start Your Morning with Less Stress


How do most of your mornings look? Calm and organized or rushed and stressed? The way you start your morning can have a significant impact on the rest of your day. Here are three ways to start your morning with less stress: 1. Start Prepping the Night Before. Waiting until you wake up to decide [...]

3 Ways to Start Your Morning with Less Stress2020-01-29T13:26:43+00:00

5 Elements of a Proper Cool Down


Once you finish a good workout, it’s tempting to move on to the next part of your day immediately. But the final component of any workout should be a proper cool down. While a good warm-up is essential for preparing your body for activity, a cool down is a critical part of starting the post-workout [...]

5 Elements of a Proper Cool Down2020-01-14T09:39:00+00:00