Benefits-of-the-Breath-Burn-CollectiveHow we exist and breathe in this world has more power over our feelings and emotions than most people are aware of. As an automatic process that our body takes care of for us, it’s easy to forget that we’re doing it at all. When we unknowingly shorten our breaths out of anger or stress, it compounds on the negative emotions we’re already feeling.

Slowing down and taking deep, meaningful breaths is essential when it comes to controlling stress, anger, and other negative feelings. The next time you’re feeling pressured or upset, here are some great physical and emotional reasons to slow down and take deep breaths:

It decreases blood pressure.

When you’re stressed, your blood pressure rises. This increase then leads to tightness in your muscles. Slow, deep breaths slowly lower your blood pressure and relax your muscles.

Your breathing becomes slower and more controlled.

Often, when someone is upset, their breaths become short or hitched without them even knowing. Taking control by being intentional and controlling your breath slows this process down and allows you to gain control.

You improve your posture.

As you practice deep breathing, you’ll notice yourself starting to sit upright to open your airways. This practice extends beyond your breathing practices and tends to overflow into daily life.

You’ll gain mental clarity.

Deep breathing is a form of meditation, and it naturally leads to a higher state of mental clarity. Taking a brief moment every day to focus on your breathing clears your mind, and the more you practice, the easier it becomes to gain clarity.

When we’re feeling pushed to our limits, it’s important to remember to take a moment and focus on the breath, which can so quickly become tight and constricted. When you open your airways, you’re bringing in positivity with every inhale, and removing negative thoughts through exhales.

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