Consistent-At-Home-Workout-Habit-Burn-CollectiveWhen you don’t have access to your studio classes, what can you do to maintain your current workout routine? Here are four tips for creating a consistent at-home workout habit:

1. Schedule your workout.

When you are unable to make it to your regular studio for your usual class, you can still get in a great workout at home. If your studio offers online classes, schedule this workout into your day so that you can participate at home. If you’re creating your own workouts, try to do them at the same time each day. Creating a routine around a daily workout will help you stay more consistent.

2. Keep it fun.

Working out at home doesn’t have to be something you have to do. It should feel like something you get to do. To make your workout something you’ll look forward to, try to keep it fun. Create a comfortable space for yourself where you’ll have plenty of room to do what you need to do. Find a great playlist and take a class led by one of your favorite instructors. Doing something you enjoy will also help you stay consistent.

3. Add variety.

A routine can be comforting, especially when life feels uncertain. However, sticking to the same exact workout day after day can start to get a little dull or boring. If you’re feeling stagnant, then it can be more challenging to motivate yourself to work out. You can keep things new and exciting by changing up your workouts. Try a new instructor. Create a new playlist. Try some variations on familiar movements. Get creative in how you can mix things up and continue to find new ways to add variety to your workouts.

4. Team up a virtual buddy or a virtual group.

Being held accountable by a friend or a supportive group can help you stay consistent, as well. Even if you’re not able to train together in person, you can still support each other virtually. Start a group text thread, an online Facebook group, or video call to keep yourself and your friend on track and working out.

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