Exercise-vs-Stress-Burn-CollectiveWhen your time is limited and it feels like you have a million things to do, a workout may not be your first thought. Setting aside time to exercise, however, may lead to less stress and a clearer mind, meaning it can help you to overcome some of the obstacles you feel like you’re facing. Physical movement pumps up your body’s production of endorphins that help you feel good and can ultimately help you become much less stressed.

Exercise as Meditation

Meditation is a great form of stress-relief that allows you to disconnect from your worries for a moment of your day. Exercise, especially yoga and instructor-led group classes, can often count as a form of meditation that calms your mind and allows you to focus on a single task rather than having your mind running all over the place. Even while your body is moving, your mind is focused on a single task, so you aren’t overwhelmed with too many thoughts and tasks!

An Improvement in Mood

Once you’re living with less stress, you’re certain to see improvements in your mood and demeanor. This mood shift allows you to take on tasks with a better mindset and hopefully see improved results. Stress can really bog you down, and once that anxiety is lifted, you’ll see a major improvement in your day-to-day.

It Doesn’t Matter How – Just Get Moving!

Any amount of exercise can help you clear your mind. Whether it’s a short walk around the neighborhood, a game of tennis with a friend, or a workout class like yoga or HIIT, exercise comes in a variety of forms that can help you de-stress and exert some pent up energy. Find time to get in some physical activity and you’ll be thanking yourself later!

If you’re looking for an exercise outlet to help you deal with your stress and anxiety, give Burn Collective a shot. We offer free trials of our group fitness classes to help you see exactly what we’re all about without a commitment. To find out more and choose your free trial date, contact us today!