Get-out-of-a-Fitness-RutCreating a consistent workout routine is beneficial to your fitness and health. However, if you find yourself doing the same routine over and over, eventually you might get bored or your motivation will drop. And one day you may discover that you’ve worked your way into a fitness rut.

Here are three ways to get out of a fitness rut:

1. Add Some Variety Back Into Your Workouts.

Consistency is great, but you also need to maintain some variety in your workouts. If you’re feeling bored with your workouts, now is the perfect time to try out something new. Try out a new class at your gym, take a class from a different instructor, or stick with a familiar class but go at a different time of the day. Find ways to mix up your routine while maintaining your consistency.

2. Re-visit or Re-set Your Fitness Goals.

When was the last time you checked in on your fitness goals? If it’s been a while, taking some time to re-visit your goals can remind you of what you set out to accomplish. If you discover that your goals are no longer relevant, then now is your opportunity to set some new fitness goals.

3. Find a Way to Challenge Yourself.

If you’re getting variety in your workouts and have set some solid goals, you might still be searching for something else to help you break out of a fitness rut. Finding a new way to challenge yourself might be the solution. Rather than showing up for a workout and going through the motions, push yourself just a little bit harder. You don’t have to go crazy; even a small increase, like a 1% difference, will be more than you’ve done in the past.

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