How-to-Set-SMART-Fitness-Goals-Burn-CollectiveAt some point, you’ve probably heard of the SMART goal acronym. Perhaps you’ve used this goal-setting framework to set some personal or work-related goals?

But have you ever thought about the SMART goal format in terms of your fitness goals? If not, here are some tips on setting SMART fitness goals:


Establishing a clearly defined goal helps you determine when you’ve achieved it. If you set a goal like “lose weight” or “improve my health,” how will you know when you’ve achieved success? Instead, make your goal specific. Something like “do five push-ups without using my knees.”


When setting a goal, you’ll also need a way to measure your progress and track results. Starting with a specific goal will put you on the right track for also measuring it.

If you want to “get healthy,” how will you measure your progress? It would be tough because “get healthy” is too vague. But if your goal was “to attend three group classes for the next three months,” then you have the specifics to measure your progress toward your goal.


Instead of setting goals based on where you’d like to be with your fitness, start with your current level of fitness and build from there. If it’s been a while since you had a consistent workout routine, it can be tempting to set your goals based on where you were when you last left off.

Jumping into a training program and doing too much too soon can increase your risk of injury. You might also find your workouts less enjoyable, and your motivation might drop off. Stick to fitness goals that are challenging but realistic.


When setting your fitness goals, think about your current fitness level as well as your habits, lifestyle, and what you’d like to change. If a goal like “lose five pounds” isn’t that important to you, pick something more relevant. Maybe now is the time to train for that half marathon you’ve always wanted to run. Set a goal that challenges you and makes you excited to do your workouts.


Give your goal a timeline. If there is no endpoint, then achieving your goal could keep getting pushed into the future. By giving yourself a deadline, then you’re more likely to stay motivated and accountable.

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