Start-Your-Morning-with-Less-Stress-Burn-CollectiveHow do most of your mornings look? Calm and organized or rushed and stressed?

The way you start your morning can have a significant impact on the rest of your day. Here are three ways to start your morning with less stress:

1. Start Prepping the Night Before.

Waiting until you wake up to decide what to wear, shower and get ready, figure out what you’re going to eat for breakfast (and possibly pack a lunch), make or grab coffee, and remember all the items you need for your day could add stress to your day. Starting your morning feeling rushed can set the tone for the remainder of the day.

To begin the day with a calmer mindset, start organizing what you need the night before. Decide what you’re going to wear, and if you have a workout planned, include what you’ll wear to work out in. Pack up your laptop, planner, and charging cables and set these things where you won’t forget them. Prep what you can the night before and avoid running around your house in a frenzy.

2. Forget About the Snooze Button.

Once the alarm goes off, what happens? Raise your hand if you hit snooze. (all the hands go up) We all do this; just five, six, seven more minutes. But continuing to hit the snooze button until you’re on the verge of making yourself late is another stressful way to start your day.

Even though it’s so hard to resist, fight the urge to keep hitting the snooze button. Rather than bolting out of bed and rushing around to get ready, get yourself out of bed and use that bonus time to ease into a new day. Make yourself a cup of coffee, eat something wholesome for breakfast, and keep your heart rate at a resting rate.

3. Put Down Your Phone and Avoid Social Media.

Once you’re awake, pause before you pick up your phone and start checking notifications or social media feeds. Is there an intention behind picking up your phone? Or, are you in the habit of picking up your phone and mindlessly scrolling?

Ambushing your brain with a heavy dose of content where you can’t control the subject matter can have a negative effect on your mental outlook for the rest of the day. It will take some serious self-control, but do your best to put down your phone and avoid social media first thing in the morning.

We’d love for you to get your day started positively, and that might include a quality workout!. At Burn Collective in Huntsville, our goal is to bring you fun, high-quality workouts. If mornings aren’t your thing, no sweat! We offer a variety of classes throughout the day. To learn more about how to get started, contact us today.