“A wonderful thing about Burn Collective, is the class variety. If you need a good stretch, a HIIT, an hour of strength building yoga, THEY GOT YOU!”

There are so many wonderful things about Burn Collective, I spent a few minutes trying to figure out where to start. Sure, it’s helped me get back to where I feel comfortable and healthy and fit, I’ve formed great friendships, and I leave feeling energized and great from all the endorphins, BUT the thing that stands out most is the knowledge the instructors have!

The beauty is how they push you to your limit while giving you a killer workout, one you’ll be sore from the next day (but REALLY SORE on day 2) all while customizing to your needs and modifying for any limitations. It TRULY is a studio for all levels of fitness.

The Vibe – 6 weeks postpartum with baby #2, having 2 babies 14 months apart, let’s just say I wasn’t overly confident in my yoga pants. I won’t soon forget the welcoming atmosphere and the smiling faces my first class at BC. Greeted by Heather’s smiling face and many others. I instantly felt secure and ready to get my sweat on.

The workout itself – We’re all busy, I want “bang for my buck” in a workout. I love leaving feeling like I got the best use of that hour class – way more of a workout than any I could create at a gym myself. A wonderful thing about BC, is the class variety. If you need a good stretch, a HIIT, an hour of strength building yoga, THEY GOT YOU! Best part for me, I don’t have to think about it 🙂 In a world of raising kids, it’s SO refreshing to have someone else guide me through a full body workout that I didn’t have to put one ounce of prep work into!

Burn Collective got me into the best shape of my adult life after having 2 kids very close together and kept me feeling great during my third pregnancy. I’m so thankful for the Studio and the way they are always growing to push themselves and to push us! I’m a “lifer”!!!”

– Jordan Razook

Live Your Best Life

Core-based strength is at the heart of every class we offer. And, you’ll never do the same workout twice.