Unplug-From-Social-Media-On-Your-Phone-Burn-CollectiveThat device you carry around in your pocket or purse is powerful. And convenient. It also keeps us occupied. But what happens if all that free time is spent scrolling through social media feeds? Those little bits of time get lost.

When you’re able to unplug, even for just a little while, you and those around you can benefit. Here are three benefits of unplugging from social media on your phone:

1. You Create More Than You Consume.

As you scroll through Facebook or Instagram, you consume a lot of ideas from other people. But what about your own? When’s the last time you took some time to create something of your own? If it’s been a while, here are a few ideas to get you started:

-Try out a new recipe
-Pick up that musical instrument that’s been hanging out in the closet
-Send someone a card
-Knit, sew, craft, etc.

When you take a break from social media, you give your brain some space to think and create. You might even remind yourself of something that you used to enjoy!

2. You Make More Eye Contact.

Making eye contact with another person, even if it’s only for a few short seconds, can have a positive impact on a person. But as the amount of time we spend on our phones increases, eye contact decreases. A lack of eye contact shuts the door on potential conversations and relationships.

The next time you find yourself waiting in line at a grocery store/coffee shop/airport, take notice of your surroundings. Especially the people. Smile and make eye contact, maybe even say hello.

If you’re meeting a friend for dinner, leave your phone in your pocket or your bag. Show the person that you’re with that they have your full attention with eye contact.

3. You Sleep Better.

Most of our time spent on social media channels happens on our phone. And at bedtime, it’s all too tempting to crawl under the covers and start scrolling. Unfortunately, the blue light that’s coming from your phone can affect your sleep. All that social media screen time before bed can disrupt your body’s natural sleep patterns.

The solution?

Turn off your phone before you crawl into bed. If you can, leave it in a separate room. And if you happen to use your phone as an alarm, be disciplined about leaving it on your nightstand. You could even disable your phone’s WiFi connection or use your phone’s airplane mode, so you’re less tempted to use it.

Reducing the amount of time you spend scrolling through social media on your phone can have a positive impact on your physical, emotional, and social health. To learn more about how Burn Collective in Huntsville can support you, contact us today.