Use-Yoga-to-Manage-Stress-Burn-CollectiveStress is a normal reaction that we experience in response to changes in our environment. Surprisingly, stress can be good. It can help us adapt and conform to a new situation. However, when stress builds up, it has a negative effect on our bodies and our lives.

Stress build-up is usually the result of several smaller sources of stress. Over time, the instances of feeling overwhelmed combine and collectively add to your stress level. And while you may not be able to control the sources of your stress, you can take action to alleviate the effect on your body and mind.

You can manage your stress level in a variety of ways. An activity like yoga, which syncs up your body and mind, is a great way to deal with stress.

Here are a few ways to use yoga to manage stress:

1. Yoga relaxes the body.

The simple act of stretching allows the body to recover from physical harm and tightness caused by stress. When adding in more challenging poses and inversions, your body creates endorphins and generates more blood flow, reducing stress from within.

2. Yoga relaxes the mind.

When adding the meditative effects of yoga to your daily or weekly schedule, your mind is allowed to be at peace. The simple act of following through a series of poses or focusing on your breathing will enable you to be better equipped to handle stressors that come up in everyday life.

3. Yoga allows for better control of thoughts.

Given the structure and repetitive nature of yoga, repeated practices can focus your mind on the present moment and your breath. You can take the mindfulness practice you learn through yoga and apply it to the moments of your daily life when your thoughts fly in all different directions.

When stress becomes overwhelming or takes a physical or mental toll on you, yoga can be a welcome and relaxing way to manage the ongoing stress in your life.

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